Cartridge Installation and Care Tips

Ink Cartridge Installation and Preventing Non Recognition

Your printer will have accumulated dried ink and paper dust during its normal printing activity which can often prevent good electrical contact between your high quality replacement cartridge and the printer.

We highly recommend that you carry out the following steps before installing your ink cartridge.

    1. Turn off the printer
    2. Unplug the printer from the main power supply (wall)
    3. Using a foam tip Q-Tip that has been dampened with bottled drinking water, carefully clean the gold color contact pins in the housing that held the cartridges
    4. Leave the printer for 10 minutes to allow the water to dry
    5. Reconnect the main power supply
    6. Power up the printer
    7. Re-insert the cartridges


Ink Cartridge Care Tips

    1. Bring the empty cartridge into our Ink and Toner Planet store as soon as possible for refilling. This prevents the cartridge from drying up inside.
    2. Put the empty cartridge back into the clip as soon as it is empty. If you do not have the clip, place it in a re-sealable plastic bag.
    3. Store empties in a cool, dry place. Heat makes the ink expand inside and leak out of the print head. Don’t leave cartridges in a hot car!
    4. Ink does NOT come out of clothing – EVER!!!
    5. When you notice your print quality deteriorate, use your printer’s cleaning function to clean the print head. If this does not work, have it refilled.
    6. Do not continue to print if there is no ink in the cartridge. The ink acts as a coolant for the print head and doing this will burn it out, leaving the cartridge useless & not refillable.
    7. Keep the cartridge upright with the print head facing down.
    8. Do not touch the print head or electrical contacts with your fingers.


Toner Cartridge Installation

  1. Turn off the printer, open the printer cover and remove the used cartridge
  2. Take out the new cartridge from it’s packaging. Gently rock it back and forth to make the toner loose and even
  3. Hold the end of sealing tape and pull it out (disregard this step if your cartridge is without tape)
  4. Install the new cartridge into the printer
  5. Close printer cover and turn on printer


Toner Cartridge Care Tips

  1. We test print our cartridges; please do not touch or move the OPC, otherwise toner will come off
  2. Avoid storing or operating the cartridge in a humid environment or periodic white lines may appear during printing (you can solve this by continuously printing a few blank pages)
  3. Store the cartridge horizontally so all the toner doesn’t go to one end of the cartridge
  4. When printer alerts “Change Cartridge”, take out the cartridge and shake it 2-3 times for more prints
  5. Keep the cartridge away from children. Unpack the cartridge packing carefully. Avoid inhaling or skin/eye contact with the toner
  6. Please send your empty cartridge in a bag back to us for recycling. You can email us for a prepaid shipping label or email us at