Printer Manufacturer’s Tricks to Get You to Buy from Them

Most printers that are being built these days have the print heads built into the printer instead of the cartridge. This means your printer is running regular ink cleanings, which prevents your print heads from drying up. If that happened before you could simply replace the cartridge. Now if your print heads dry up to the point of no return, you must either get a new print head or a new printer (usually it is about the same price to purchase a new printer as it is to buy a new print head).

Many manufacturers these days try to lock out refilled cartridges by updating their firmware and changing the embedded circuitry. For example HP has “old generation” 564 cartridges and “new generation” 564 cartridges. They also have this with their 61 cartridges. They may look the same on the outside, but if you use an old generation on a new printer it will not work, due to HP manipulating the electronics. Did you know that chip is not even necessary to put on a cartridge in the first place? The manufacturers just want to lock you into their high priced cartridges. Brother cartridges had a lower cost per page and did not have chips embedded so there weren’t any cartridge related errors. Now they are scared of refilling cartridges so their latest model featured chips in an attempt to gain more money from the sale of cartridges. Ink and Toner Planet has numerous chip resetters and testing capabilities to thwart manufacturer’s attempts to rip you off.

They will tell you the quality is not as good as original manufacturer’s products. The manufacturers have a 1-2% defective rate, usually due to quality. We have a 4-5% defective rate that is usually due to errors caused by their firmware upgrades. Fortunately we are local so we can troubleshoot it for you right away. We are even happy to work on your inkjet printer free of charge if you feel it needs a cleaning or if you have trouble installing your cartridges.

Have you heard the manufacturers tell you non-original cartridges will ruin your printer? This is not true and cannot happen. It also does not void your printer warranty by using refilled or remanufactured cartridges. The most that would occur is a cartridge leaks which can happen when it gets too hot. Ink expands in the heat, regardless of whether or not it is an original cartridge. Fortunately for everyone it comes right up, does not ruin a printer and very rarely occurs. We offer cartridge installation tips, maintenance tips and troubleshooting tips on our website, over the phone, in store and as handouts. All free of charge to you!

Our cartridges contain the same amount of ink and toner (sometimes more if there is room in the cartridge!) as the manufacturers so you will get at least the same amount of pages out of them. All page yields are calculated at 5% page coverage.

We know that purchasing ink cartridges for printers can be expensive. Why not refill that cartridge instead of purchasing a new one entirely?