Resolving Common Toner Cartridge Problems

Symptom: Cartridge does not reset toner/drum indicator when put into printer, or pages print blank

Explanation: Typically when a drum/toner indicator does not reset it is due to the toner seal not being removed, or improper contact between the cartridge and the printer.

Correction Steps:

1) Turn power off to the machine
2) Remove cartridge from printer
3) Ensure the toner seal has been removed (if so equipped, this is usually a clear, thin, plastic tape seal that needs to be pulled out of the cartridge)
4) Gently and firmly reinsert the cartridge into the machine. Try this two or three times to make sure it’s seated correctly in the machine
5) Turn power on to the machine and allow it to restart normally

Symptom: There is streaking or spots on the printout or the quality of the printout is poor

Explanation: There could be particles that settle on the imaging unit during the manufacturing process or during transport that causes occasional light streaking or spots. These issues typically clear up after a few initial printouts.

Correction Steps:

1) Turn the power off to the machine
2) Remove the cartridge and gently turn cartridge side to side 2-2 times to evenly distribute the toner
3) Print 10-20 pages of text, including images, from the printer

At this point the streaking and/or spots should have cleared up.

Symptom: There is toner powder on the cartridge or in the bag when the cartridge is unpacked

Explanation: Remanufactured cartridge toner reservoirs are generally filled to full capacity for greater value to the customer. Is is possible that some of the powder has leaked out during transport. This should have no impact on the operation of the cartridge and/or printer.

Correction Steps:

1) Gently remove the toner powder with a dry cloth or with an air canister (canned air). Avoid damaging or scratching the imaging unit (Drum or OPC)
2) Insert the cartridge into the printer and run a few sample printers to ensure normal operation