Our Best and Worst Cartridges of 2014

Ink and Toner Planet is always up front about our average 5% defect rate (compared to OEM’s 1-2%). But do you wonder which cartridges are below that defect rate and which ones are above? Here I reveal our best and worst performing printer cartridges of 2014:

Our best performing toner cartridges:

Brother monochrome (TN350, TN360, TN450, TN580, TN570, TN650, TN720, TN750, TN780)

Our best performing ink cartridges:

Canon tank cartridges (220 & 221, 225 & 226)
Brother chipless cartridges (LC51, LC61, LC75)

Our worst performing toner cartridges:

HP Q6000 series (Q6001A, Q6002A, Q6003A)

Our worst performing ink cartridges:
remember not to install firmware upgrades!

Canon 210 & 211
Canon 240 & 241

You are always covered by Ink and Toner Planet’s 100% Guarantee. When you are in the market for a new printer come to us for a free consult and we will fit you to a printer best matching your printing needs.