Costco Refills Vs Ink and Toner Planet

Let me start off by saying Costco doesn’t refill all cartridges. The easy ones, with built-in print-heads that don’t require chips to be reset are the main ones they refill. You bring your own cartridge in to be refilled. They do this quickly because they do not clean them out first. This results in clogged nozzles and poor quality. Ink and Toner Planet uses a centrifuge to thoroughly clean out the cartridges before attempting to refill them. We have an atomizer that enables us to get even the microscopic bits of dry ink out of the nozzles of your cartridge. We have a tester to ensure the electronic contacts are still in good working order. Lastly, we do a test print with the cartridge, package it and offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Since it is such a rigorous process we keep most of our cartridge pre-filled and ready for you. Simply turn in your empty cartridge and we will give you one that is good to go.

Costco also doesn’t carry enough types of ink. Each manufacturer uses a difference formula of ink to work best with their cartridge. At Ink and Toner Planet we use hundreds of different inks to match that exact formula you need for your cartridge so you have the quality and performance you expect.

Our ink technician has watched them refill ink at Costco and was astonished the cartridges were not cleaned out first. We are never surprised to get new customers coming from Costco after having a poor experience.