How to Reset a Brother Drum Upon Installation

The following error messages will continue to appear if the drum counter was not reset when you replace the drum unit with a new one.
• Replace Drum
• Drum End Soon
• Drum Near End
• Drum Stop
To clear these error messages, you need to reset the drum counter:

NOTE: Illustrations shown below are from a representative product and may differ from your Brother machine.

Please reset the drum counter only when you replace the drum unit. If you reset the drum counter during the life of the drum unit currently being used, the remaining drum life will not be displayed accurately.
1. Make sure that the machine is turned on.
2. Open the front cover.
3. Press Clear or Clear/Back on the control panel.
NOTE: The layout of a control panel differs depending on the model, but the Clear or Clear/Back button is located on the right side of the LCD screen as shown in illustration.

4. Do one of the following.
• If your Brother machine has a numeric keypad:
Press 1 to reset the drum counter.
• If your Brother machine doesn’t have a numeric keypad:
Press the Up Arrow Key to reset the drum counter.

5. When the LCD shows Accepted, close the front cover.