Newer printer models that use the HP 950 & HP 951 cartridges

Newer printer models that use the HP 950 & HP 951 cartridges:

Ink and Toner Planet is currently looking into this issue, but please be advised that early reports are showing that non recognition is occurring with ALL aftermarket replacement chips and are specifically affecting the following printer models that are utilizing firmware versions CKP5CN1343ER & MPM3CN1204AR:

HP 8100

HP 8600

HP 6700

This HP firmware change may prevent aftermarket products from being utilized in your printer.

We still offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee, but please be advised of this potential issue and remember to deny all firmware upgrades.

When you are in the market for a new printer we recommend the Brother J470dw for the lowest cost per page and less fear of firmware upgrades locking out your savings.

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  1. **UPDATE**

    We had a customer whose HP 8600 was rejecting our cartridges. Knowing the 8600 tends to have issues with refills we offered a refund. However, the customer did the following and was able to get them to work properly!

    They gave the printer a “rest” for a day and then started to work on it again. After inserting the original used HP cartridge, she took it out and quickly inserted the replacement cartridge (“tricking” the printer!). She proceeded to reboot the printer and clicked yes to ALL the HP warning pop ups and it finally started to print. The printer does not show the ink capacity and has a big yellow question mark on the screen, but prints nicely with no issues.

    She also made sure that the HP cartridge protection feature was disabled and does not allow automatic firmware upgrades from HP.